Discreet Log Contracts

Discreet Log Contracts

As my first assignment for the Digital Currency Initiative, i was challenged to turn the Discreet Log Contracts paper into a working prototype in 6 weeks. After that, built additional libraries to use the technology in three languages, complete with documentation (all linked in the blog describing the project in more detail).

Discreet Log Contracts are invisible smart contracts for the Bitcoin blockchain that allow for instance forward contracts. More is described in this blog. A video of Tadge Dryja (the author of the paper) describing DLCs and me demoing my work can be seen here. I gave a talk on DLCs at Binary District’s Off The Chain workshop in Berlin in June 2018.

Technologies used
Go, NodeJS, .NET Core

Worked on
Apr 2018 - Jul 2018

Worked for
MIT Digital Currency Initiative